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Are your affairs in order? Last Will & Testament Medical Durable Power of Attorney, General Durable Power of Attorney, Declaration to Medical and Surgical Procedures.

Has someone in your life recently passed? Probate is such an "ugly" word and it doesn't have to be. Probate is simply the process in finalizing your loved one's wishes. It may be as simple as filing the paperwork with the court.

Getting Divorced?  Divorce is another ugly word...but it doesn't have to be.  We make the process of getting divorced simple.

Landlords: Do you need to file Eviction Paperwork? Evicting a tenant does not need to be difficult.

Does someone owe you money? Do you need to file suit against someone in small claims court?

These are just a few things we can help you with. Please note that all documents that we type for you are Colorado approved documents.