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If you need a Will/Powers of Attorney we will show you the available forms we can type for you and you will choose the appropriate one for your situation. Once you have chosen the document that you wish we will type your wishes into it.  If you have a complicated situation we will simply schedule an appointment with an Attorney. If after that appointment if you and the Attorney feel it is something that we can type for you they will refer you back to us. NONE of our referral Attorneys will tell you that you need an Attorney to complete your forms UNLESS you need an Attorney to complete them. 

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It's time. You have either decided to go your separate ways or you already have. Wherever you are in the process you will need to file the documents with the court. We can type these documents for you and make this process simple. Here's the best part; should you have any legal questions about your situation we will complete your documents and refer you to a Family Law Attorney to review your completed documents. NOTE: There is a separate fee paid directly to the Attorney of ONLY $50.00!! If after this consultation with the Attorney any changes need to be made they are done by our office for no additional cost! 

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Someone you love has passed and it is hard enough to grieve while doing the paperwork for the courts. Whether the deceased left a Will or not filing probate paperwork does not have to be a difficult process. As long as there is no disputing who is the Personal Representative/Executor we will be happy to type these documents for you. If you feel there may be issues please call us first and we will refer you to an Estate Attorney who will take the pressure from you.  A

There is nothing worse for a Landlord than to have to evict someone. There are several steps in doing this and we can assist you with them by typing these documents for you. If you need to evict someone and don't know where to begin, call us.

If you do not see your situation here, call us. We do much more; name change, small claims, guardianship, conservatorship, sealing of records, etc. We can even help you with typing of letters and resumes. We can assist with Credit Repair and getting you ready to buy your dream home. Remember, our goal is your satisfaction...if we cannot help you we will refer you to someone who can at no charge but please note that you will need to know what forms you need completed.  For example:  We cannot tell you whether you need to fill out conservatorship vs. guardianship based on the information you provide to us.  If you are unsure of what documents you need we will be happy to refer you to an Attorney.

Please note that all legal forms that are typed by our office are either provided by the Colorado Bar Association (Colorado Orange Book) or the Colorado Supreme Court.  We do not create any of the forms in our office.

If we cannot help you we do not charge you. If we refer you to an Attorney or other Professional we do not receive any referral fees from them. Our network of referrals are on our referral list because they are experienced, proven and respected!  Many clients who have been referred out to one of our preferred Attorneys or Professionals call us and thank us for the referral.